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Welcome to our June 2017 issue!

June 6, 2017

In this issue we cover a new mural being painted at school, the Variety Show, fun things to do over the summer, and more!

Have a great summer and we’ll be back with another issue in November 2017!


New Mural Blooms on School

June 6, 2017

By Lily G.
Illustration by Mae C.

Bloom Room mural illustration by Mae C.

Have you seen the new mural on the side of the Bloom Room? Our sports teacher, Andre, is painting the mural with his wife, Lisa.

The mural shows a book with flowers coming out of it. The mural is a gift from the fifth grade class in honor of Ms. Bloom, our former principal.

“It’s fun bringing bright colors to your school,” Lisa said. She also said it is fun to paint walls.

What do you think the mural will be like when it is done? Just wait to find out.

Moving on from Fifth to Sixth

June 6, 2017

By Jayden B.

Hello! Please read this article (unless you are like me and just skip to the comics).

If you are a fifth grader, you will not be at Montclair next year. You will be in sixth grade.

Because you will not be here next year, I interviewed a fifth grader about her hopes and memories from Montclair Elementary to help you remember your time here.

One thing she remembers is when Mr. Winslow’s class sang a song and videotaped the performance. One thing she hopes is that she will be good at sixth grade math.

Good luck to all our fifth graders as you head off to middle school!

Students Display Talent at Variety Show

June 6, 2017

By Joshua J.
Illustration by Veronica

Variety Show illustration by Veronica

Ladies and gents, the MES Variety Show was a blast! The food was really good — especially the brownies. Most of all, the talent was amazing. The show had everything from singing to dancing, comedy, and instrument playing. The show was lively and full of energy.

Here are just a few of the awesome acts: Max H. sang the song “Guns and Ships” from the musical Hamilton, and he even wore a really cool costume. Henry G. sang the classick Frank Sinatra song “My Way.” Jaquoia G., who taught himself to play the piano, played a medley of songs. My friend Ian and I performed an old comedy skit by Abbott and Costello called “Who’s on First.”

This variety show was fantastic. It really showed how much talent Montclair kids have — take a bow, everyone!

Summer Fun

June 6, 2017

By Zoe K.
Illustration by Zoe K.

Summer Fun illustration by Zoe K.

Can you believe it is finally summer?! I’ll be getting ready for middle school since I’m graduating, so this is my last article for Montclair Elementary. But in the meantime, what to do this summer?

The weather should be nice and warm, and if you’re lucky, maybe you can go to a baseball game or a theme park. But there are many things to do for free that are also fun.

You can sign up for the summer reading program at the Oakland Public Library. By just reading, you can earn lots of prizes like books, ferry rides, A’s tickets, and many other things.

Also, you can use your library card to get free museum tickets. Go to for more information.

You can find information on events just for kids at

If you like movies, keep an eye out for Captain Underpants, Cars 3, and Despicable Me 3, coming in June 2017. Or you can go to Redwood Heights Park for free outdoor movies.

As for me, you’ll probably find me at a pool or on my bike. Whatever you do, I hope you all have a great summer!

Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

June 6, 2017

By Ixchel A. and Kyra T.

All birthdays deserve to be celebrated. Here are a few ways to celebrate yours:

1. Sleepover: Sleepovers are the perfect times to hang out with friends!

2. Amusement park or waterpark: Go on a roller coaster, or on a waterslide and get wet.

3. Baseball game: Have cotton candy and popcorn.

4. Exploratorium: This hands-on science museum is really cool and has many unique things to see and do.

5. Animal shelter: Did you know you can have parties at the East Bay SPCA? You can meet the animals and help support the shelter. Look at those cute puppies jumping on your legs!

6. Pump It Up: Speaking of jumping – jump, jump, jump!

Book Review: A Must-Read Book for This Summer

June 6, 2017

By Miriam R.
Illustration by Maya K.

Butterfly illustration by Maya K.

Step by step I make a path.
Step by step I discover myself.
How could I know the trees are my sisters
When my roots began in a faraway soil?

These are lines from a poem in a book called I Lived on Butterfly Hill by Marjorie Agosin. This poem could change the world. This poem is written by the young character in the book, who is describing how it feels to have her heart in one place and her body in another. The meaning of it really affects me because I can almost feel her struggle.

The main character in this historical fiction book, Celeste, lives in Valpraiso, Chile. The government is taken over by a military dictatorship that doesn’t want people like her family to live there anymore because the military doesn’t like people that care about the poor or disadvantaged. Celeste tells her story of escaping the dictatorship in Chile and going to Maine. She doesn’t know anyone in the United States and she doesn’t speak any English. In the book you can see that Celeste really works on her English and changes over time.

I love this book because the author is a beautiful writer. One of the things that really affects me is the figurative language. Have you ever thought of using the words the “sky reminds me of a highway” in your writing? I also love this book because it’s a meaningful story based on the author’s real life and experiences leaving her country.

And, finally (I hope I can convince you to read this book), I want to mention that this book relates to this time in history. This book is is about the struggles of immigrants waiting to get to a new land. Celeste’s Chile is falling into the wrong hands. Does this sound familiar? Our current president is not letting people in similar serious situations come to this country.

Have I convinced you to read this book yet? I hope so, because this is the only book I believe that is as interesting as Percy Jackson, even though these two books are nothing alike; I Lived On Butterfly Hill is a realistic story and Percy Jackson is fantasy. My recommendation says a lot, because I have good taste in books!