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Welcome to our November 2018 issue!

November 14, 2018

Super Otter by Gaby A. and Annabella V.

Welcome back! In this issue, you can learn about our school sign, how to make cookies with just three ingredients, how the fifth graders are raising money for class events, what’s new in the cafeteria and more! What are all the “Hello Club” flyers in the lower school about? Otter Tales has the answers!

Congratulations to our newest masthead mascot illustrators, Gaby A. and Annabella V.! (That’s their Super Otter in the header and in the illustration above.)


It’s a Sign: Montclair’s Marquee

November 14, 2018

School sign by Catherine N.

By Marin N. | Illustration by Catherine N.

Have you ever wondered who puts up the quotes on the big sign in front of the school? I did some research and found out the sign is called a marquee, and it is a Montclair parent who chooses the quotes: Ms. Michelle Jacobson-Kwok, mother of Paxton (1st grade) and Peyton (5th grade).

We talked on the phone and she told me she has been choosing quotes for the marquee since July 2018. Before that, another Montclair Elementary School parent chose the quotes.

Ms. Jacobson-Kwok puts up a new quote every Sunday morning. She searches the Internet for good quotes starting on Friday or Saturday, and sometimes finds inspiration in the news. When Senator John McCain died, she chose a quote from him: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the capacity to act despite our fears.” This is one of her favorite quotes. For the first day of school she chose a quote about going to school. “The main thing is I try to pick a quote from an author, musician, politician—someone we don’t necessarily hear from all the time—so it’s different kinds of people, not just presidents and poets.”

Even before Ms. Jacobson-Kwok started this job, she thought it was nice to see the quotes when she was dropping off her kids for school. “Our family had a conversation at the dinner table about a Dr. Seuss quote [from the sign]. The quotes can help us parents connect with our children a little more.”

If anyone has a suggestion of an author or public figure that they would like to see a quote from, Ms. Jacobson-Kwok asks us to let her know. And the next time you see her at school, be sure to thank her for the all the great quotes that make us stop and think

Halloween Parade

November 14, 2018

Halloween Parade by Gaby A.

By Gaby A. | Illustration by Gaby A.

This year’s Halloween Parade was a very festive occasion. It was very colorful, like the leaves on the trees this fall.

“I saw someone dressed up as a box,” said Alea R. August R. liked Mr. Hauser’s scientist costume.

“The Halloween Parade was one of the best,” said Isaac R. This year’s parade was a blow-your-mind festive occasion.

Say “Hello” to Hello Club

November 14, 2018

Hello club poster photo by Ruby

By Ruby H.-E. | Photo by Ruby H.-E.

Have you ever felt alone at school? Do you ever feel left out of a game? Or that you don’t have any friends? Second graders in Ms. Torres’s class have formed a new club that can help.

The Hello Club is available to any kid in our school. If you ever feel left out or just need a friend to play with because your friends are absent, the Hello Club members will be there for you.

The goal of the Hello Club is to stop isolation and exclusion around the school. Members are passing out fliers, Hello cards with positive messages on the back, and joy. They also visited lower grade classes and made speeches. They are looking for kids who are alone, excluded, or isolated. They want to make Montclair a “happy” place to be. They want to make kids feel good about themselves.

Come join the Hello Club today. Make yourself feel good and make other kids feel good.

Hello Club card by Jacob

Hello Club card by Jacob P.

Fifth Grade Fundraising

November 14, 2018

By Allegra B., Maya G. & Amelie P.

This year’s group of fifth graders are trying their hardest to reach their goal of fundraising money. All the money they raise will go to fund various events for the fifth graders.

One of the events is the Sierra Outdoor School. This trip is the annual 5th grade overnight. We will be going to this school to learn about the outdoors and nature.

Another event that our fundraising money will go to is the 5th grade promotion. We will also need to raise money for the picnic that comes after our promotion.

We have had a few fundraisers and are having more for the 5th graders. One of our fundraisers that already passed was the family movie night. The movie night was a blast and we had raised enough money before the movie even started just off concessions! We showed “Teen Titans Go!” in the multipurpose room and “Avengers: Infinity War” outside on the big screen.

Fifth graders also sold green sweatshirts that say “Love One an Otter” at the Otter Walk. The next opportunity to buy one will be at the Craft Fair.

The Craft Fair will be December 12 at 6 p.m. You should stop by and check out the awesome stuff made by the fifth graders. There will be food and treats and tons of stuff for you to buy.

We are hoping to have a 5th Grade Dance Party to raise more money. (Fortnite Dance Battle, anyone?) This event is still in the idea phase.

Opinion: Food Waste in the Cafeteria

November 14, 2018

Food waste photo by USDA

By Lily A.

Have you ever noticed the amount of food being wasted at lunch? Countless people are getting lunch and just throwing it out when the bell rings. Much effort is being put into these meals and it seems ungrateful that we aren’t even eating them.

“I find it very concerning. I’m worried people are wasting food when they are getting an entire meal just for one item, like chocolate milk,” said Ms. Brookes.

Montclair students should respect that they are very lucky to be receiving these lunches. Some kids don’t have any meals.

“I feel like they should get ride of all the tempting treats,” said Evan. “Food waste is a very bad thing.”

As a school, we should raise awareness to the problem and try to solve it, so we don’t create food waste.

Photo: USDA via Flickr / Creative Commons

Review: New Lunch Items

November 14, 2018

Pupusas by Ron Dollete

By Leila M.-M.

School is back, and so is school lunch. There are so many new, delicious meals our lunch staff have come up with to welcome our new students.

Over the course of one week I ate the school-provided food. I tried chili and chips. pepperoni pizza, an enchilada, mac and cheese and a pupusa. A pupusa is a dough pocket with savory fillings. In this case it was beans and cheese.

According to the cafeteria staff, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Maria, there will be two or three new items on the lunch menu.

Photo: Ron Dollete via Flickr / Creative Commons