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Welcome to our June 2018 issue!

June 2, 2018

Summer fun by Gaby and Ella

In this issue we have news about field trips, class pets and more. We also have tips for things to do over the summer, including reviews of some books you may want to check out.

Have a great summer and we’ll see you next fall!

Illustration by Gaby & Ella


Fourth Graders Visit Old Ships

June 2, 2018

Clipper ship by Veronica J.

By Veronica J. | Illustration by Veronica J.

This year all the fourth graders went on a field trip to the Hyde Street Pier. We went to see the clipper ship, but it had a hole in it so instead we went to a ferry called the Eureka.

There were three stations on the Eureka. At one, an actor pretending to be a sailor with a bad case of gold fever taught us how to pan for gold.

Next some students pretended to be merchants selling pans, pots, shovels, and hardtack. We had a shopping list and we had to bargain and buy the things we needed.

The last station was the captain’s station, where the captain taught us to run the ship.

If you haven’t been on this field trip yet, you should be looking forward to it!

Journalist Visits Otter Tales

June 2, 2018

By Allegra B., Amelie P., & Maya G.

Kimberly Veklerov, a journalist from the San Francisco Chronicle, visited the Otter Tales crew in April. Kimberly writes about things that happen in the East Bay.

She has worked professionally as a journalist for two and a half years. She also worked as a journalist at U.C. Berkeley for four years.

Her favorite article she wrote was sad but interesting to investigate. It was an article about the death of a U.C. Berkeley football player.

She has always loved writing and wanted to be a journalist.

Kimberly’s favorite pet is a cat. She grew up with seven cats, two dogs, and a chinchilla!

These are just some cool facts about Kimberly. Look for her articles in the Chronicle.

Field Trips Around Town

June 2, 2018

School bus illustration by Ruby M.

By Leila M. | Illustration by Ruby M.

Recently, fourth grade classes went to the Peralta Hacienda to learn about life on the rancho. “I liked that we got to learn the ways that people did things in the past,” said fourth grader Lily A.

Third graders also went to Peralta Hacienda to learn about Ohlone life.

Many people went to the Oakland Museum, according to Avery and Alex. Some classes went to learn about Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Some classes went to learn about missions.

The Fifth Grade Overnight Trip

June 2, 2018

Illustration by Ruby M.

Fifth Grade Trip by Ruby M.

Fifth Grade-Itis

June 2, 2018

By Miriam R.

Have you noticed some fifth graders acting bored, annoyed, hyper, or odd lately? Now that spring is in the air, a lot of fifth graders are starting to get antsy at school. Ask any teacher or parent and they might have noticed this too. What is this mysterious force that makes fifth graders feel like they’re kind of done with school? I think it’s fifth grade-itis.

You may have heard of senioritis, something high school seniors experience in their last year of school, but I think fifth graders also experience this phenomenon. We (I’m a fifth grader too!) are ready to move on to middle school and have more challenges that are different from the typical routine. After all, it’s the sixth year for many of us here at Montclair.

One of our fifth grade teachers, Ms. Spingarn, agrees that fifth graders tend to get restless around this time. “Fifth grade fever really starts happening after end-of-year testing, and right before the promotion,” she says. Hattie G. couldn’t agreed more. “Some of the kids in my class like to talk a lot and move around in their seats,” Hattie says.

So if you know a fifth grader or are one, here are some suggestions to deal with fifth grade-itis:

Get some exercise in during the day to use up your extra energy. This way, you won’t get restless in class. Also, you can challenge yourself with interesting new games, crossword puzzles, or mazes. These activities require concentration, so this is good practice for focusing in class. Most importantly, enjoy spending time with your friends because they are a great source of support.

When it’s your turn to become a fifth grader, you know what to do to make your last months more bearable. Middle school, here we come!

Mr. Winslow

June 2, 2018

Illustration by Citlali M.

Mr. Winslow by Citlali M.