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Advice: How to be a Friend

December 15, 2011

by Elizabeth G. & Paloma P.

Sometimes it’s kind of hard to keep being friends to a friend.  Sometimes friendships hit rough patches, but not to worry, they happen to everyone.  But it’s still really important to have friends and to be a good friend back.  Here are some ways to be a friend:

  1. You have to listen to what your friend says.  If you’re always blurting out stuff and not listening, your friend will not feel needed.
  2. Laugh with them, not at them.  Or else your friend will feel like she’s/he’s being bullied.
  3. Be NICE.  No one wants to be friends with a jerk.
  4. Don’t boss your friend around; everyone wants to be in charge of his or her own mind.
  5. Be a comforter – if your friend is sad, try to cheer them up.
  6. Stand up for your friend if someone is being  mean  to them.
  7. If you’re told a secret, KEEP the secret.  Everyone deserves privacy.
  8. Have trust in your friend.  You don’t have to share secrets, but if you need help, ask for it.

If you do all that, then you’ll know you have a good friend and you are a good friend, too.


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