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The Otter Walk

December 15, 2011

A report on our fundraiser

By Elizabeth G. & Shayna

The Otter Walk was very successful this year.  Congratulations to everyone who walked and helped contribute towards the school’s fundraising.  Now the school has enough money to fund music, art, P.E., computers, library, and drama.  Thanks to all the adults for helping with food, bid boards, stamping and entertainment, and for encouraging us to keep walking and raise more money for our school.

Calvin S. and Anthony F. (both fifth graders) were our school’s top walkers this year.  They both walked 51 kilometers.  Calvin and Anthony ate hot dogs while they walked, but they didn’t take a single break!  “It feels really good to set the school record for this year!” Calvin said.  “But I hate that I didn’t beat the record of 52 kilometers.”  Anthony felt the same way.

Some kindergarteners even walked 26 kilometers.  That was incredible!  We hope you enjoyed the Montclair Otter Walk!

Shoe illustration by Elizabeth G.


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