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United Nations Day

December 15, 2011

Learning about other cultures

By Paloma P. & Allison R.

United Nations Day at Montclair Elementary is a day to celebrate different cultures.  There were activities such as dancing, bagpipes, drums, and hula.  There were games like horeshoe toss and steal the bacon.  Everyone liked the games, activities and music.  Fifth-grader Maya L. said, “I liked UN Day because I got to learn about different cultures.”  Third-grader Isabelle said, “I got to try new stuff and there were fun games.”  Fourth-grader Essenia liked having her mom there helping with the food distribution.  There was ground beef, mochi, rice, latkes, Jello-O, and other delicious foods.  There was a lot of helpful parent participation.

Fifth-grader Sophie F. has Celiac Disease, which means she cannot eat gluten, which is found in some grains.  She found it hard to find something she could eat.  “There wasn’t a lot of gluten-free food,” she said. Now you know different perspectives on UN Day.


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