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Cooking with Lili

February 28, 2012

Story and photos by Meghan F.

Today I caught up with Lili Rollins, Montclair Elementary School’s cooking teacher.  I’ve been taking her cooking class for a few weeks now, and I’ve learned a lot of great new recipes.   I thought you’d like to hear what she has to say about cooking.

Q: What is it like being a cook?
A: It is a lot of fun to be a cooking teacher because it is fun to teach kids and adults new things.

Q:  What’s the difference between a cook and a chef?
A:  You have to earn the name chef.

Q: What made you want to be a cook?
A: Well I like food, and I want to learn more every chance I get because you can’t learn everything.

Q:  Is cooking your job or your hobby?
A:  Both. Cooking is my job and my hobby.

Q:  How do you feel when you have to cook something – are you happy or not so excited?
A:  It depends on what I am cooking, but I love
cooking new things.
Q:  What was the worst dish you could say that you made?
A:  Before I was married I made a roast for my boyfriend but I didn’t thaw it out. So I cooked it so much but it was still raw. But my boyfriend ate it anyway because he is nice. Then he married me, so I guess it wasn’t so bad.

Q:  What was the best dish you think you ever made?
A:  Probably my lasagna; everyone loves my lasagna.

Q:  Who do you enjoy teaching more, kids or adults?
A: Kids.

Q:  Do you think cooking is easy or difficult?  And why?
A:  I think cooking is easy, because when you learn you can do it fast and that’s why it’s easy.

Q:  What is your advice for the readers out there who might want to become a cook?
A: Go to Lili’s cooking class, then practice, practice, practice!


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