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Editorial: Cafeteria Food

February 28, 2012

By Max W.

I think cafeteria food is bad.  I am going to tell you other people’s opinions, too.  I wrote this article to persuade people to look at what is in the food, because children need good food to learn.

Here is what other people said about the cafeteria food: “I think cafeteria lunches should be more fresh,” said Saman A. and Lisa S.  Isabelle W. said, “Cafeteria lunches are so bad for you, there are no healthy things.”

Here is a chart based on a survey about cafeteria food taste and healthfulness:

0 17
6 7

And that’s my report about people’s opinions about the cafeteria food.

More information

The Oakland Unified School District is looking for ways to make cafeteria food more healthy.  Some OUSD schools have “Cooking Kitchens,” where hot lunches can be prepared at the school, instead of being prepared elsewhere and shipped in.  The kitchen in the new construction at Montclair will have the potential to be a cooking kitchen.  There is a lot of information about the OUSD’s innovative projects, like the Farm to School program, on the OUSD Nutrition Services website.


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