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How to Raise a Pig

February 28, 2012

By Anthony F.

Raising a pig is very labor-intensive, but the rewards are amazing.

To start, you have to buy the animal.  That can cost from $50 to $50,000.  I buy my pigs for about $250.

When you buy the pig it will weigh about 50 pounds.  When you’re done it will weigh about 250 pounds.

Every day you clean the pig pen, feed the pig, and walk the pig.  You do this process for about three months.

When the pig is fat and strong, you go to fair in July.  At fair you do showmanship and market.  Showmanship is about how well you can control your animal.  Market is about how your pig looks and how it might taste.

Last year I won third place out of 60 kids in showmanship.  When it came to selling the pig, I did well, too.  I sold my pig for $1,500.  Most of that money went to paying for feed and buying the pig, but at the end I had $250 left over.


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