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Movie Reviews: The Adventures of Tintin & Hugo

February 28, 2012

The Adventures of Tintin
By Madison  S.

“The Adventures of Tintin” is an amazing computer-animated film. It was directed by the very brillant Steven Spielberg and based on Hergé’s classic Tintin comic book series.

While shopping at an outdoor market, Tintin, a young, very curious, award-winning journalist, and his best pal, Snowy, a fox-wire terrier, purchase a model of a legendary pirate ship called the Unicorn. Tintin later finds out that the ship has a hidden scroll inside it that leads to a treasure. Tintin races to recover the treasure that was lost at sea centuries ago.  The action is non- stop and includes pirate fights, explosions, and gun shots. This movie is a must-see. You won’t be disappointed!


Hugo in 3D
By Isabelle W.

If you haven’t seen “Hugo,” you should definitely try to see it soon.  It is based on the novel The Adventures of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick.  The characters are: Jude Law, who was Hugo’s dad; Ben Kingsley, who was Georges Meliés; Sacha Baron Cohen, who was the Station Inspector; Asa Butterfield, who was Hugo; Chloe Grace Moretz, who was Isabelle; and Ray Winstone, who was Hugo’s uncle.

“Hugo” was a very good movie. It was about a boy named Hugo whose mother wasn’t in the movie, and whose father died in a fire.  When Hugo’s dad was alive, he had found an automaton. Hugo had to live with his uncle.  His uncle lived in the train station, and cleaned the clocks and steadied the clocks and put the clocks to work every day.  One day, Hugo’s uncle disappeared.  Hugo had to work with the clocks instead of his uncle.  The story goes on with an amazing tale about friendship and it’s just a wonderful story.

“Hugo” made me feel like I was Hugo, like I had Hugo’s emotions.  When Hugo felt sad, I felt sad. The 3D effects made the movie even more realistic. When Hugo was running from the station inspector, I felt like the station inspector was right behind me, closing in on me.  I felt quite emotional.  I really hope you see this.


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