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New Teachers at Montclair

February 28, 2012

By Madison S. & Isabelle W.

Did you know there are lots of new teachers this year? Here’s a little information about them.

Mrs. Bergren teaches third grade. She used to teach in Rhode Island for three years, and she also used to teach at Brookfield Elementary. She likes to teach because teaching is never boring and every day is different. When she was in college she worked at a pizza place and a gym. She was on a dance team and played soccer and volleyball when she was young. She likes to ski, rock climb, travel, and bake in her free time. Her favorite color is green, her favorite animal is a cow, and her favorite drink is chai tea.

Mrs. R teaches Art.  She teaches at a Hebrew school called Temple Sinai as well as Montclair.  She likes teaching art because she loves seeing children make art and feel proud about their piece. Her favorite color is green and her favorite food is green peas.  Her favorite drink is Inca tea.

Mrs. Littlejohn teaches second grade. She has had a lot of teaching experience! She worked at Allendale school, ICS State Pre-K, Hintil Kuu Ca, and Patten Academy, and for Indian Education. Her favorite animal is an otter – even before she knew the Montclair mascot was an otter! Her favorite color is turquoise, her favorite drink is water, and her favorite food is different types of stews. She likes to play softball, she enjoys teaching, and she says, “It takes a community to raise a child, not just a family.”

Coach Lewis makes recess fun and supervises the children.  He worked at Garfield and Prescott Elementary Schools.  He likes to have fun and to help other people have fun. He runs track and plays football and basketball. His favorite drink is Gatorade, his favorite color is blue, his favorite food is fried chicken, and he plays chess in his free time.

Mrs. Gousman is a new librarian working with Ms. Hammond.  She is only there on Fridays. Before she came to Montclair she stayed at home with her little girl, who is a toddler now.  She went to San Jose State University to become a children’s librarian.  She enjoys being a librarian because she likes connecting the right kid to the right book.  She likes to go for long walks. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite food is Indian food, and her favorite drink is Diet Coke. In her free time she likes to read and travel.


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