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Restaurant Review: Flower Lounge

February 28, 2012

By Colm C.

Flower Lounge is a Chinese restaurant that serves the kind of food you would expect in China, with the convenience of being down Park Blvd. (2033 MacArthur Blvd.)

Everyone is really nice and gets to know you so well that if you forget to order something that you normally do, they remind you!

The food is amazing.  The pot stickers are so hot and juicy that whenever anyone bites into one, everyone else ducks and covers.  The rice is always steaming and delicious, but with spicy Mongolian beef on top it is decadent.  The chicken wings are crunchy and covered in jalapeños.

In my experience with Chinese food, the quality declines if you get take-out.  This place has totally changed my view.   While I am sitting at home, savoring my sweet sesame chicken, I feel so much like I’m in China.


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