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Restaurant Review: Lanesplitter’s Pizza

February 28, 2012

By Zsofia A.

If you walk down the right street in Berkeley, you might just find yourself in front of Lanesplitter’s  Pub & Pizza.  There you’ll find the best pizza, friendliest staff, and coolest wall decorations of any restaurant around.

If you want good pizza that’s healthy for you, then Lanesplitter is the place to go.  They don’t have super fancy toppings, but they definitely have the classics, like pepperoni, pineapple, and olives.  The pizza always has excellent proportions.

Lanesplitter has the friendliest staff around.  It only takes about three visits before everyone knows your name.  Sometimes you don’t even have to say what your order is if you’re getting the same thing as the last time.

Lanesplitter has really cool decorations!  On the walls are Barbies that have had their hair dyed and clothes modified to look like some of the staff members.  They also have accessories that match the staff member’s personality.  Low lighting and brick walls give this restaurant a casual feel.

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