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More Student Poetry

May 3, 2012

My Friend
By Shayna T.

I’ve got a friend
Who’s really funny.
She’s really nice:
As sweet as honey!

When I’m with her
Life’s like a cat’s purr:
Simple, without worries.
It’s like the world stops…
There’s no one who hurries.

Sometimes we get mad at one another,
And our fights are like no other.
But we think that’s okay,
As long as we stay
Friends as we used to be.
Friends are friends, they always are, you see.

To make a long story short:
We’re best friends of a sort.

By Elizabeth G.

Books are my soul
Books are my heart
Books are amazing
right from the start
filled with colors, and heroes,
and adventures galore,
I can always find myself
asking for more of
these Books! Books! Books!


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