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Odyssey of the Mind

May 3, 2012

By Justin J.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that challenges teams of students to solve problems creatively. A team from Montclair participated in the SF Bay Regional Tournament on February 25th. Here is one team member’s account of the event.

Timeee!! I felt a shiver come over my body. It was a signal, and I knew what it meant. The journey stops now.

It was worse than hitting a dead end in a hard maze. We traveled so far, worked so hard, and had to stop now.

The day before the competition we knew we were going to rock the house, like we did in regionals. We thought we were fine, so we didn’t do a test run. That was a big mistake.

We were excited. Once we arrived, we started to unload the materials. We had built a hovercraft. We thought it was inflated enough, but we didn’t really know because we didn’t do a test run. After it was inflated we got ready and were on our way!

Our challenge was to design, build, and drive a vehicle that would travel a course where it would encounter three different situations. Our hovercraft had to display a different human emotion for each situation. It was called an Ooh-Motional Vehicle. Our emotions were surprise, contentment, fear, and happiness. But unfortunate things happened! The emotions broke. We fixed it by duct taping the emotions to the hovercraft.

The duct tape wasn’t strong enough, and all the emotions fell out, which caused a long delay. Also, the metal oar that was supposed to move the hovercraft snapped in half because there was so much pressure on it.

Timeeee! Yes, that shiver did come to me, but it meant nothing. This was just the beginning of this odyssey. Great job guys! Ooh-Motional Vehicle team: Griffin (team captain), Calvin, Daniel, Duncan, Bryce, Colm, and Justin.


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