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Restaurant Review: The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

May 3, 2012

By Kamilah B.

Are you looking for a place to eat that has great food and feels like home? I suggest you go to the amazing The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen (for short, “AGCK”). They serve grilled cheese sandwiches of many kinds, with a side of fruit, beverages, soup, and homemade desserts. The owner of AGCK is Heidi Gibson. Heidi Gibson is the champion of the Grilled Cheese Invitational. I asked Heidi a few questions:

Kamilah with Heidi Gibson of the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

Heidi Gibson of the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen with Kamilah B.

Q. Why do you specialize in grilled cheese sandwiches?
A. I think the grilled cheese sandwich is a template so you can make it any flavor you want. It is super flexible.

Q. Did you have experience in restaurants before you owned The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen?
A. I had a little experience in bakeries in high school and I worked in software for a long time.

Q. Was it your dream to be an owner of a restaurant?
A. It was my dream to own a business but really I wasn’t expecting it to be a restaurant.

Q. Did you come up with all the dishes and drinks on the menu?
A. Yes. Everything is my original recipes.

Q. What inspired you to make a grilled cheese sandwich filled with mac n cheese?
A. I saw it at a grilled cheese truck in L.A. and also, it was an inspiration from one of our cooks, Debra.

Q. What is your favorite dish on the menu?
A. Club turkey with tomato soup.

Q. Why do you want AGCK to feel like home?
A. I want to create a whole experience, just like you’re coming home from school and that your mom or grandma makes you a snack.

Q. What is your message to those kids who want to own their own business someday?
A. It is a lot of hard work and it is a lot of fun. Be honest with yourself of about what you’re good at and what you’re not. Because the things you are not good at you can hire people to help you. Don’t pretend that you are good with everything, nobody is. Knowing what those things are what really is important. And then be just relentless.

The menu board at American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

The menu board features neatly lettered chalk writing.

The inside of AGCK does look like someone’s kitchen. Parts of the walls are yellow, like the sun. The handles on the freezers are spatulas. There is a place where you sit on high stools and you can see chefs and other people making your order. The other places to sit are at the tables inside or outside. The blackboard that had the menu realistically hand written on it was interesting.

I had the Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It tasted like I was eating melted, creamy cheese in toasted, warm bread. My dad ate the Mushroom Gruyere sandwich. My mom ate a sandwich called the Piglet. She liked that the bread was toasty, the cheese was not too strong, and that they give fruit with every order. She also liked the Bloody Orange drink and tomato soup.

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen is a great place to eat. If you are in San Francisco and looking for something that is familiar but also unique to eat, go to AGCK.

Location: 1 South Park Street, San Francisco, CA 94107,


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