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Short Story Contest Winner #2: Weather Controller

May 3, 2012

By Bella C.Storm cloud

I sat, waiting for something to happen.  Nothing did.  It had been ten days since the last sunshine had peeked through the clouds.  Rain, rain, rain.  Talk about being bored.  Mom and Jupiter were out at the mall, and Dad was at work.  Which left me, all alone.

I walked into my room.  Clothes, games, and papers lay freely on the floor.  Monopoly, Clue, Life; I had played these games before.  I looked around for something to do.  All of a sudden, I saw a game I’d never seen before: 1 Wish, it read.  I picked it up, and opened the instruction booklet.  “Make a wish while holding the necklace,” it said.  But no more words lined the page.  I reached into the box to find the necklace.  Nothing!

Great, something interesting, and it’s missing pieces.  I walked toward my bed.  All of a sudden, I stepped on something sharp.  I looked down; I had stepped on the necklace!  I picked it up, held it to my heart, and cried, “Oh I wish, I wish something would happen!”

But nothing did.  No unicorns, cupcakes, rainbows.  It just kept raining.  I flopped on my bed.  The door opened.

“Lilac, we’re home,” my mom said.

“Yes, we are!” Jupiter sang.  He was only four, and just learning to fully talk.  I hugged them both.  Mom handed me a bag.

“Who’s this from?” I asked.

“Us.”  I opened it. Inside was a little controller.  Weather Controller it read.  I flipped the switch.  A lightning bolt hit the tree.  I jumped and switched it on again.  Sunny skies filled the air.  I like this, I thought.

For the next week I played with the weather, until the switch broke!  Right on thunder!  I hid under my bed.  I hated thunder.  Then I remembered the game.  Oh, where was that necklace?  Then I saw it under my dresser.  I reached for it, just as the house shook!  I tried again; my fingertips pulled the necklace into my hand.  I gasped.  Lightning hit once more.

“I wish everything would go back to normal!” I yelled.  All of a sudden, it was sunny.  I ran to Jupiter, who was crying on the floor.  I hugged him and sang him a song.  We began to sing together.

The next day I threw out the necklace.  One thing was for sure, I only wanted to have a normal life.


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