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Short Story Contest Winner #3: The Black Dove

May 3, 2012

By Justin dove


Dear Reader, what you will hear is important, so listen closely.  This is a tale passed down from the Mayans thousands of years ago, passed down from father to son, time after time, to today.  But unfortunately I cannot bear a child, so I ask you to pay attention and pass down the tale to your child, instead of mine.  This task is on your hands, so may the tale never perish and live on with immortality.
— Juan Fernandez

Chapter One

A long, long time ago there was a little girl named Maria.  Her father was the Mayan sky god, and he ruled the heavens.  But, sometimes the people down below made him angry.  Maria always would calm her father down, so she was her father’s favorite.  Maria would help calm down everyone who was angry, so she was a liked girl.  She lived her regular life until the day before she turned 11, the day her fate would be chosen.

Chapter Two

“It is time! It is time!” shrieked the witch.  Everyone started crowding, and Maria knew why.  On the day someone turned 11, his power would be chosen.  Her older brother had the power of the sea, while her older sister had the power of harvest.

Maria was dragged to a big black door.  She was scared, and she didn’t know what to do.  She could run, but she wouldn’t get far.  Maria put herself together and willing went inside the doors.  But it didn’t matter; the doors were soon locked with two metal bars.  Once inside, the witch pulled her into a small dark room.  It was only lit by a candle, which let Maria see all the potions and antidotes the witch owned.  Then, the witch broke the silence.  She said, “Here, drink this.”  She pushed a small container towards Maria, and she looked inside.  She saw a bright green liquid, that when mixed, it revealed all the strangest particles you could ever imagine.  Now, Maria surely wanted to puke.  She thought, “Enough is enough.”  But then she remembered that there was no turning back.  It was already too late.  So, with her chin up, she pinched her nose and finally swallowed it.

“Wait…where am I?” Maria said, as her vision began to refocus.  Then she saw a small woman with a huge wart on her nose.  Maria stuttered, “Are you th-the witch?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is what you saw in your vision,” the witch replied.

“Well, I didn’t see much,” Maria said. “But I think I saw an animal–”

“An animal! But what kind?” the witch interrupted.

“I saw a weird animal. It wasn’t normal, not having four legs.  You couldn’t really see the legs, because it was small, but it had two big legs on the side like arms,” Maria said.

“Aha! You must have seen the black dove!” said the witch.

“What is a dove?” Maria questioned.

“Well, the dove is categorized in the ‘bird’ section.  The black dove is the only bird, and it can’t really do anything except fly,” the witch replied.

“So what is my power?” Maria said.

The witch slowly replied, “You don’t really have a power.  I’m sorry, but you don’t.”

Hearing this, Maria turned around with her head drooped down to leave.  But as she was walking, the witch said, “Wait! I forgot to mention that you could fly.  Here, fly out the chimney.”

Maria walked over to it, closed her eyes and instantly felt the breeze when she flew.  At home she was sad for a few days, but later got over it and lived her daily life.

Chapter Three

One day, Maria woke up at the middle of the night.  She heard booms of thunder, waves crashing, and earthquakes rumbling.  Maria got up, and left her room to investigate.  Later she saw all the gods together mad as a hot pepper cursing at the people down below.  She tried to calm the code, but every time she would hear, “There’s no time to play, Maria.”  Maria thought the gods were at a bad condition.

But when she flew down to the people, she rethought her thought.  Maria saw floods, houses broken, fire, screaming and cursing, and destruction everywhere.  “But why? Weren’t the people peaceful?” said Maria.  She flew up north, and saw people fighting and cheating on each other.  Maria saw that the world was in a bad condition.  They needed help, but how?  She then thought of a plan.  She said, “If I can’t help the gods, I will help the people to be good which will calm down the gods.”  It was a good plan, but easier said than done.

Chapter Four

Maria knew that the world was a big place and everyone needed help.  So she changed into her black dove form and started flying.  She flew around and around the globe, but even when she used all her tricks to calm someone down, they were still in a bad shape.  “The world must be so  bad to not change after circling it thousands of time!” she said to herself.  But she kept flying, trying to calm everyone down.  She flew for days and nights and soon became tired.  But she encouraged herself by saying, “Why am I putting myself in front of such a large world? How do I even compare?  One against what, like a billion!”  So she kept flying, even until her body became white because of fatigue.  Even though she was pale white, she kept on flying, encouraging herself.  When she was almost done healing the world, she died.


Maria died before she could see all the wonderful things the people were now doing.  They were friendly and forgiving, loving and caring.  They didn’t cheat or murder.  It was a beautiful world.  But sometimes people wonder how the world changed so much.  All people remember is a little white and pale dove giving peace to the world.  So the people honored Maria and changed her name to Paloma, which means white dove.  They also used the white dove to represent peace.  And we still do today.


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