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Student Poetry

May 3, 2012

The Donut
by Shayna T.

With my mom, I enter the shop.
I look around and come to a stop.
The donut sits upon a shelf,
And here I am, my normal self,
Staring at it with my mouth open wide,
Staring at its chocolate-covered side.
It sits right in front of my eyes,
Along with the other cakes and pies.
My mouth waters for this treat,
It’s round, yummy, and oh, so sweet!
Mom walks by,
To get a jam pie,
And at the donut she sees me stare,
So she smiles and says, being fair,
“I could get you that donut, I could,
For this week you have been so good.”
I nod and grin,
For this treat I did win,
And while mommy gets the donut out,
I decide to make a face and pout,
And ask,
“Can I get a chocolate cake instead?”

by Sophie F.

I think the saddest thing I ever did see,
was when a monster was staring straight at me.
It stood 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide,
with the darkest green eyes, as big as jam pies.
It looked at me, trying to make me laugh so it could see what happiness was like.
I felt sorry for the monster, I wanted to cry and say that he was hardly alive.
But I was strong, it took all my pride,
I turned to the monster and laughed and lied.
But you see, the monster, he sensed my fear,
and to my horror he broke a tear,
and so did I,
yes, I started to cry.
And the monster? Well he just turned and left,
he turned and he walked down the cobblestone path.
And then a surprise
caught both of my eyes.
He smiled! He blew me a kiss!
And then I knew I would never forget this!

by An Author

I walk alone
    on this planet we call home.

I walk alone
    no home
    no clothes
    only hope.

Yet still I hope
    hope of the
    when hate shall leave
   and love shall stay.

But for now
    I walk alone.


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