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Movie Review: Chimpanzee

June 11, 2012

By Elizabeth G.
Chimpanzee in tree

“Chimpanzee” is a sweet story that documents the life of a young chimp named Oscar.  Oscar is a happy, healthy, well-fed, and curious chimp who lives with his mother, Isha, in a small tribe led by an adult male chimp named Freddy in Africa.

“Chimpanzee” is an interesting movie that captures everything about the little chimp Oscar: How he eats, how he plays, where he sleeps, and who his family is.  The movie is also about loneliness, because in the movie Oscar loses a certain family member and is left all alone to fend for himself.

The footage of the chimpanzees is unbelievably real, and is sure to catch people’s attention.  “Chimpanzee” is sure to entertain and win everyone’s hearts.


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