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Our Teachers’ Hobbies & Crafts

June 11, 2012

By Abigail H. & Kamilah B.

Do you ever wonder if your teacher is from a different state and what their hobbies were? Well, here is the article you’ve been waiting for! If your teacher is one of the following don’t put this paper down: Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Buty, Mrs. Chanter, Mrs. Rasul and Mrs. Spingarn. Do you know how we know this information? Well, we asked the teachers a few questions.

Where did you live before you moved to California?
Mrs. Brooks: I was born and raised in Nebraska, and lived in England for 3 years after college.
Mrs. Buty: I grew up in Madison Ohio in Northeastern part of the state on Lake Erie.
Mrs. Chanter: Chapel Hill, Northern Carolina, then St. Louis, Missouri, then Seattle, Washington State.
Mrs. Rasul: Alabama
Mrs. Spingarn: I have always lived in California except for a winter along the coast of Maine, and a summer in Syracuse, NY (the year after I graduated from college). I was born in Pasadena  and grew up in Alamo (Northern California). When I returned to the Bay Area after living back east I moved to Oakland where I lived while working in San Francisco, married and raised my family. Now I’m back in Alamo living in the house I grew up in.

Illustration of person doing art projectWhat were your hobbies and crafts when you lived in your old state?
Mrs. Brooks:   Growing up, I enjoyed reading, traveling and studying French. I went to school in France during college. I really enjoyed traveling.
Mrs. Buty: I started doing photography at 8 years old. I had a “Brownie” camera and used B&W film. I also collected stamps.
Mrs. Chanter: I’ve always liked to sew and crochet. I’ve taken a few collage classes and I sometimes go outside and sketch things in nature. I still do all these things.
Mrs. Rasul: Sewing
Mrs. Spingarn: My hobbies (as a child and as a grownup) are gardening, bicycling, hiking, car camping, reading, using my imagination, and being creative.

What are your hobbies and crafts now? Are they different from before you came to California?
Mrs. Brooks: Today, most of my free time has to do with teaching. I have become very interested in history and I enjoy visiting places of historical interest. I also like to stargaze. My hobbies still include traveling.
Mrs. Buty: I continue to take pictures – do photography – and I am now making books with my photos. I also do art drawing/painting and use stamps in my art work. So they are the same.
Mrs. Chanter: My newest hobby is Stand Up Paddling, which is a very Californian sport. I balance on a large surfboard and use a long canoe-type paddle to move around. I do this in the Oakland estuary and I loved to do SUP at Crab Cove when the tide is low. It’s magical…
Mrs. Rasul: Sewing
Mrs. Spingarn: I grew up in a young neighborhood with lots of kids around my age. We created a lot of games (both inside the house and outside in nature) using our imagination. In addition, we played baseball and kick-the-can in our cul-de-sac. All of these activities helped me develop skills I use as a teacher (cooperation, teamwork, creativity).

Did your hobbies and crafts affect you becoming a teacher? If yes, how? If no, what inspired you to become a teacher?
Mrs. Brooks: No, my mother was a teacher in a one room school house in rural Nebraska, and she inspired me.
Mrs. Buty: Yes, I became an art teacher – then a classroom teacher.
Mrs. Chanter: I became a teacher because I like helping kids but I try to incorporate crafts into my lessons. We’ve done needlepoint, basketry, bookmaking, and sewing in my classroom.
Mrs. Rasul: No, it keeps me sane.
Mrs. Spingarn: One of my favorite pastimes when I was alone was to play “teacher.” My dad made me a big chalkboard and I would line up my teddy bears and dolls on the floor of my bedroom and teach them the skills that I just learned in school.

Did you put your paper down? I hope you didn’t. If you didn’t, you just learned a lot about these wonderful teachers. Maybe you can learn more about your wonderful teacher.


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