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Adventure Playground

November 30, 2012

By Sam M.

Zipline at Adventure Playground by Behr

Illustration: Zipline at Adventure Playground by Behr M.

Adventure Playground is a place owned by The City of Berkeley.  It is at the Berkeley Marina near Cal Adventures (a Cal boating club).  It is very fun to play at and should definitely not be judged by its looks!  It may look junky and worn down but here’s the cool part: It is made completely by kids (except for the zipline)!

When you first get there you have to pick up 10 nails, five wooden splinters, or a Mr. Dangerous (a nail sticking through a piece of wood).  Then you can grab either a bucket of paint and a paint brush, a hammer and three nails, or a saw and clamp.  Then you can get to work. You can grab some wood from the marked bins. Now, start building!

The zipline is very fun! You get in a line and when you are at the front of the line and there are four people on the structure, you can climb up.  When it is your turn, wait for the person to bring the seat up and grab the seat.  Finally you hold the seat and scoot onto it.  Zoom!  You fly down the line.  Keep your feet forward and if you get a little turned then twist your rope the opposite way from where you want to turn.  When you hit the sand pile with your feet, walk slightly up the pile to keep from crashing, then walk the seat up for the next person.

I highly recommend going to Adventure Playground. It is a great experience and a fun one, too!  For more information, includign directions, rules and hours, see


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