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Halloween Parade

November 30, 2012

By Ava E.

Halloween illustration

Illustration: Halloween by Behr M.

This year the Halloween parade took place on Wednesday, October 31, 2012.  It was one of my favorite Halloween parades during the time I have been at Montclair Elementary.

There were all kinds of awesome and creative costumes, from hippies to bananas. The teachers also had great costumes.  For example, Ms. Nicola was a grape and Mrs. Brookes was a fly.

Coach Lewis worked with the Coach Lewis Dancers to learn a dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” They did really well. The dancers had worked a lot during some lunches and recesses. The dance was fantastic.

I asked 3rd grader Mani E. what his favorite thing about the Halloween Parade was. He said, “I really enjoyed seeing all the different costumes and getting ideas for next year.” Even thought we had a small place, the Halloween parade was still great!


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