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The Otterlympics

November 30, 2012

By Peyton W.

The theme of this year’s Otterwalk was the “Otterlympics,” because this year was the London Olympics.  The Montclair Otterlympics took place on Saturday, October 12th and about 80% of the kids at our school walked.  It’s one of the best events of the year because you get to walk with your friends and it’s fun!
Otterwalk logo 2012
Last year’s Otterwalk raised $90,000 in walker sponsorships and $140,000 for the whole day!  The goal for this year was to raise $95,000 in walker sponsorships, and we’ll all find out at the November prize assembly how much was actually raised for our school.  The money is used for drama, art, computer, library, music, and Coach Lewis’ HEROES program.

My favorite thing about the Otterwalk is that you get prizes every five laps you walk, and also for raising certain amounts of sponsorship money.  I also like the “Sugar Shack” that sells snow cones, cotton candy and milk shakes for $2 each – it raised $2,000 for our school this year!

There are prizes each year for the class that walks the most laps, has the greatest participation, and raises the most money.  The class that wins each of those gets to choose either a pizza party or a cupcake party.  There’s also an ice cream party for kids who walk a varied number of laps based on their grade.  For example, I’m in 4th grade and had to walk 30 laps to earn the ice cream party.  When I asked my little brother, Thomas, what his favorite part of the Otterwalk was, he said, “I really liked earning the ice cream party!”


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