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Today’s Construction News

November 30, 2012

By Olivia B. and Shelby R.

Construction photo by Ruth Halpern

View of the construction from the parking lot. Photo: Ruth Halpern

On November 2nd we interviewed Conor Thompson of West Bay Builders, the construction company working on our school.  He invited us into the construction portable.  It was exciting!  We asked a lot of questions.  Here is what we found out:

1. The new building will have ten classrooms, two stories, a rooftop garden, and boys’ and girls’ bathrooms on each floor.
2. Third, fourth and fifth graders will be in the new building.
3. The auditorium will be attached to the new building.
4. Conor hopes the auditorium will hold all students sitting down.
5. The auditorium roof will be slanted at an angle.
6. They have not decided if there will be solar panels.
7. They will put the old play structure back up.  There will be hopscotch and four-square areas, too.
8. The rain has set back the project a little, but they are still ahead of schedule.
9. There will be two stairways and two bridges connecting the neighborhood to the new building.
10. They will get water from the main pipeline to the rooftop garden.
11. On a typical day, there are 20-30 workers on site, and on a busy day it can be more than 40.

Before we left, Conor showed us the design book for the school project.  We both thought it was really awesome!

We plan to interview Conor again in a few months.

Here is a blog about the construction from one of our Montclair parents, Ruth Halpern:  You can also see plans and renderings for the project on the school website at

A special thank you to Conor and Ruth for making this interview happen!


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