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Wildlife in Montclair

November 30, 2012

By Julia S.

mule deer photo from Flickr user ecov ottos

California mule deer

Here in Montclair, we have a lot of wildlife.  Deer pop up in the middle of the road, and raccoons raid the trash cans.

The deer in Montclair are California mule deer.  California mule deer live all over California.  Their Latin name is Odocoileus hemionus californicus.  The raccoons are North American raccoons, Procyon lotor.

But deer and raccoons aren’t the only wildlife.  We have turkeys!  If you’re lucky, you can see wild turkeys, Meleagris gallopavo, waddling around on streets, and even in people’s backyards.  Here in Montclair, wildlife can be annoying sometimes, but the animals are also very interesting.


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