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Art Teacher Ms. Remi Crafts Dress from Trash

February 12, 2013

By Kamilah B. & Rylie R.

Have you heard of Ms. Remi’s bottle cap dress? A few years ago, in 2001, Montclair art teacher Ms. Remi made a bottle cap dress and now it is in an art show!

Art teacher Ms. Remi

Art teacher Ms. Remi (right) with reporters Kamilah and Rylie

Why did you decide to make a dress out of bottle caps?
In graduate school I did a whole series on pieces about marriage. I made various different wedding dresses that were like an architectural structure made out of wax paper and you could walk into it, almost like you would a room. I did a project where I married myself to myself by myself for myself with my friends and my family all watching. Then, after that, I still wanted to make more wedding dresses, all different kinds.

How did you make the bottle cap dress?
I had to go search for the supplies at re-use centers. I was thinking of doing something in all white, because I was thinking about an all white wedding dress. So I found things that I liked that were white and then I cut them out to fit inside of the bottle caps and I bent the edges down and flattened them and then I drilled four holes in every bottle cap and I linked them all together.

When I made it I was very pregnant with my twin boys. [The dress] was very heavy and I had to move it around. So I hired my nephew, who was 24 at the time, and he came out from Arizona and stayed with us for about a month and helped me work on it everyday.

Bottle cap dress made by Ms. Remi when she was an artist-in-residence at SF Recology

Bottle cap dress made by Ms. Remi when she was an artist-in-residence at SF Recology. Photo by Larry Strong.

What tools and materials did you used to make the dress?
Bottle caps, various re-used papers, plastics, fabrics (like a rubber mat), zippers, pliers, a drill, and jump rings. I also used feather boas, beads, and pearls.

How long did it take to make the dress?
I would say maybe about a month of working on it for about 4-6 hours each day.


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