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First Grade Update

February 12, 2013

First grade words by North Media via Flickr

First grade words by North Media via Flickr

By Julia S.

We all know what’s happening in our own grade, but do you know what’s new in first grade?

In Ms. Morozumi’s class, they are learning patterns and other math skills. Art projects in this class include rubbings of leaves and other objects in nature. Maddie F. said, “I like that Ms. Morozumi does finish and free at the end of the day, where you finish work and then get free time.” Ms. Morozumi also has something special about her classroom – a reading loft. What other classroom has that!

In Ms. Lines’s class, weather and air are part of their learning. They have been focusing on snow and made snowflakes out of paper. Ryan V. said, “I like that Ms. Lines likes me because I’m nice to her.”

In Ms. Norris’s class, they are doing geometry. Ashley J. says she likes art. She also likes Ms. Norris because she isn’t strict. Ms. Norris’s class got to see a dress rehearsal of the Oakland Ballet “Nutcracker” on December 21, 2012.

Mr. Gomez’s class is also working on geometry. They have a special system where you get stamps when you’re good. The stamps fill a chart, and when the chart is full, you earn prizes. They also have Fun Friday, where you finish work, and when you’re done it’s game time. Sara S. said, “I like Mr. Gomez because he’s funny and he likes to do art.” You can see some of the class’s art on the bulletin boards outside the classroom.

All of these classes do really cool stuff. Maybe next time it will be your class in the paper!


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