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Two Great Summer Games

June 9, 2013

By Cate Q. and Makena L.

Summer is almost here.  Out of ideas for fun?  Here are some things to do.  Call some friends and play one of these games.

Frisbee tic tac toe game

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe
Try this active version of a classic game.

Things you need to play:
A blank shower curtain and duct tape.  Put the tape on the curtain in a tic tac toe grid.  Also, six Frisbees with three of one color and three of another color.

How to play:
Kids take turns throwing the Frisbee on the mat from at least a foot away.  Try to land the Frisbee in one of the squares.  If you get three Frisbees of your color in a row, you win!


Sponge tag game
Sponge Tag
This is a variation of tag, using a wet sponge to tag a player.

Things you need to play:
A large, soft sponge like the one you use to wash a car.

How to play:
Pick the first kid to be “it.”  “It” will have a big wet sponge and try to tag someone with it.  If you have not been tagged you win the game.


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