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3D Printing Shop Opens in Village

November 23, 2013
Photo of 3D printed object by Oakwise via Flickr

Photo of 3D printed object by Oakwise via Flickr

by Mike P.

Montclair Village has a brand new kind of store: 3D printing. While 3D printing technology has been around since 1984, HoneyBee3D has been around less than two months.

In 3D printing, a machine working from computer plans sprays down layer after layer of molten plastic to make a three-dimensional object. It works like a very accurate hot glue gun. The plastic they use is made from corn byproducts and is biodegradable.

Anyone can use 3D printing. For example, architects might use this technology to model a house. Bakers and people who need to cutomize their cars often use it, too. Doctors even use 3D printing to create replacement body parts.

Liza Wallach and her husband Nick Kloski founded HoneyBee3D because they liked that 3D printing can tell a story start-to-finish with a computer. They chose the name “Honeybee” because their machine works like a honeybee, and because they often fill the designs with a honeycomb pattern to save time and plastic.

Nick’s favorite 3D-printed design is a chess set that you can plant succulents in.

For more information about HoneyBee3D, visit their shop in Montclair Village (6127 La Salle Avenue) or their website,


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