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Construction Moves Ahead

November 23, 2013
Sketch of what the school's living roof might look like when done, by Leslie Golden

Sketch of what the school’s living roof might look like when done, by Leslie Golden

by Eliana H.

Four questions for Conor Thompson of West Bay Builders, the construction company working on our school:

What is happening now on the construction project?
The big thing that’s been happening recently is landscaping. We have been concentrating on planting all the plants and trees and doing soil amending, where enrichments are added to the existing dirt to help the plants thrive. Other than that the primary things have been tiding up odds and ends. We are also finishing up the garden area north of the MPR as well as the bioswale area down by the existing building.

What’s new since school started?
The big thing since school started has probably been the opening of the play structure and safety surface. There is a new kickball area where the old portables were located, so students can enjoy the open space for all sorts of games.

What’s special about the new building?
The new classroom building has many green features designed into it that make it quite special. From utilizing green products such as paint to the sun shelfs in the classrooms, every component was carefully designed to ensure students are working in a clean and healthy environment and with the intent of maximizing the earth’s natural elements to limit the building’s carbon footprint.

How is the new garden going?
The new garden area will be open soon and will include planter boxes (which you can see are built) as well as picnic tables for seating. It will be a very nice area to learn about agriculture and sustainable living.

Conor would like to thank all of the students, parents, school administrators, and teachers of Montclair Elementary School for putting up with the construction process. “As someone who endured similar learning conditions growing up, I can understand how disruptive and distracting it can be,” he said. “We tried our best to limit the disruptions and hope that we did not take away from your learning experience the last couple years. It has been a great pleasure working within this school and community. From the construction team, thank you Montclair Elementary School for everyone’s patience and enjoy the additions to an already awesome school.”


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