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Field Trip to Peralta Hacienda

November 23, 2013
Peralta Hacienda photo by Jo Guldi via Flickr

Peralta Hacienda photo by Jo Guldi via Flickr

by Stella C.

Our class took a field trip to Peralta Hacienda in Oakland.  Peralta Hacienda is the best field study I’ve ever gone on.  Each station is packed with fun and learning.  You learn a lot, and Wells, the person who told us about the ranchos and Californios, is very nice.

Some of the stations our class went to were making adobe bricks, cooking, candle making, and dancing.

In adobe bricks we used dirt, hay and sand.  The hay was to hold it all together, the dirt was to make it solid, and the sand was to make sure it wasn’t too moist.

In cooking we ground corn on rocks, then pressed it together to make tortillas.  We also ground brown sugar and cinnamon together and put it in boiling water to make tea.

In candle making we used a string tied around a stick and kept dipping the string in wax until it was as thick as my pointer finger.

In dancing we had to do the Fandango with boys.  The girls dressed up in shawls, skirts, and droopy skirts.  The boys dressed up in pants, shirts, and bandanas.

Wells taught all the adults how to do these activities.  Without Wells or the adults our class would not have been able to do all the fun stuff, so I am thankful for the parents and Wells.

At Peralta Hacienda you learn and have fun.  Don’t miss the cooking station.

For more information about Peralta Hacienda, visit their website:


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