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Guess the Teacher

November 23, 2013

Photo by Filip Bunkens via Flickr.

Photo by Filip Bunkens via Flickr.

We have a double bonus Guess the Teacher this month – see if you can guess them both!

Guess the Teacher 1
By Marina K.

This teacher has blonde hair and blue eyes and wears glasses.  This teacher has been teaching at Montclair for seven years but she has not been teaching the same grade the whole time.  This teacher teaches in the main building and she has twenty-five students in her class.

Her favorite subject to teach is math and she gives her students a medium amount of homework.

This teacher does not have a pet, but if she did, it would be a cat.  Her favorite food is strawberries.

An anonymous student from her class said, “She is a nice teacher.  I don’t think she gives too much homework.  I like her stories.  I think she is the best teacher!”

Guess the Teacher 2
By Gracie G. & Sophia J.

This teacher grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and went to college in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He/she also lived in Paris, France and San Francisco, and then moved to Oakland.

This teacher has two brothers and one sister.  This teacher’s mom lives on a farm.  “My favorite place to be is at my grandparents’ farm,” this teacher said.  “It is quiet and remote.  It is in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  There is a creek that runs by the house, and lots of open space.”

This teacher has two daughters who went to Montclair Elementary, and two cats named Cocoa and Mimi.

This teacher’s favorite food is lasagna.  His/her favorite subject to teach is math.  His/her favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla and Cherry Garcia.  This teacher’s favorite fruit is raspberries and favorite vegetable is carrots.  His/her favorite color is yellow.

Can you guess who these teachers are?


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