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Celebrating the Lunar New Year

February 19, 2014
Photo by Travel Oriented via Flickr.

Photo by Travel Oriented via Flickr.

By Marina K.

Do you like New Years? Great! But have you heard of Lunar New Year? When they hear Lunar New Year, many people think of it as Chinese New Year. This year Lunar New Year was on January 31st. Unlike the New Years Day we celebrate, Lunar New Year follows the moon calendar, or luna, which means moon and it is a way of welcoming Spring. That is why the celebration is called Lunar New Year.

The Chinese New Year celebration lasts 15 days long. Each day people celebrate a different thing. Before the new year begins, it is the custom for people to clean up their whole house. But when the new year comes, the broom is given a rest or else people believe you can get bad luck! People eat oranges, meet with friends and spend time with family, and on the 15th day there is a lantern festival and a parade.

The legend says that a long time ago, a dragon came and ate entire villages. The people were afraid of him. But one day they found out he was afraid of red and loud noises so they draped red banners over their houses and set noise makers to scare away the dragon. It worked and that is why red is a lucky color and people celebrate with noise makers and wear red on Lunar New Year.

But it is not really New Year for just the Chinese since it is celebrated widely across Asia not just in China. There are

different traditions from different countries. One of these other places is Korea. Koreans celebrate Lunar New Year differently. Koreans dress up in their traditional clothes called “han bok” and bow to their elders to show their respect. In return, their elders present them with money for good luck. Also, the traditional new year food is a rice cake soup called “dduk gook” and is made out of a long rice cake cut up into small slices. It is long to represent long life so eating the soup brings good luck and a long life.

There are different traditions from different countries. I hope you can enjoy them as I do!


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