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Celebrating Our Earth

April 28, 2014
Earth Day Photo: Missoula Public Library via Flickr/Creative Commons

Photo: Missoula Public Library via Flickr/Creative Commons

By Marina K.

Earth Day is a special type of holiday.  It doesn’t just celebrate one person but the whole Earth.  Earth Day is on April 22nd and it is like birthday for the Earth.   Every year around the world our country and over 100 different countries celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day celebrates trees and plants and our environment.  It is a time to acknowledge that nature, like trees, animals, and plants, is important to our planet and that we need to protect our environment because we need nature to survive.  We breathe in oxygen and trees give off oxygen.   Also if we did not protect our environment, we would have less fresh food like fruits and vegetables.  Nature is not unlimited so if we are not careful, we can destroy nature and harm our own lives.

A lot of our world’s rain forests are getting cut down and we need trees to breathe.  In fact, only about one-half of the Amazon Rainforest remains.

Earth Day is a time to celebrate our planet.  Here are some tips you can follow to help protect our planet:

• Pick up litter.  Even better, don’t litter.
• Recycle and compost when you can.
• Turn off lights when you’re not using them to save energy.
• Be kind to trees and plants.  Don’t cut down trees when you don’t need them.  Be careful where you play so you don’t uproot plants and trample on gardens.
• Walk or ride a bike instead of driving.  Carpool if you can.
• Have a green lunch.  Use reusable containers.
• Plant a tree!
• Tell your friends, tell your parents.  Remind them to protect the earth.

Always remember: Protecting the environment helps the world, you, and your family.


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