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Craft: How to Make a Bead Dog

April 28, 2014

Bead dog photo by Skooksie via Flickr/Creative Commons

Photo: Skooksie via Flickr/Creative Commons

By Cailla O.Bead dog craft

You can use strings of beads left over from Mardi Gras or parties to make a dog.

1. First count off five beads. Make a loop out of the five beads and twist the string aroung twice just after the fifth bead to make the head.

2. Then skip one bead. Make a loop out of the next four beads and twist them together twice after the fourth bead to make the front legs.

3. Skip a couple of beads to make the dog’s body. Then to make the hind legs, do the same as Step 2 again.

4. For the last step, cut the string where you want the tail to end. Enjoy your new bead dog!

Bead dog craft steps
Illustrations by Cailla O.


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