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Fifth Graders Take a Hike

April 28, 2014
Photo by Jon Wiley via Flickr/Creative Commons

Stanislaus National Forest. Photo: Jon Wiley via Flickr/Creative Commons

By Peyton W.

This year’s Montclair Elementary School fifth grade field trip was exciting! The field trip was March 17-19 and it was at Sierra Outdoor School (SOS) in the Gold Country. SOS is in the Stanislaus National Forest, which is a 2.5 hour drive by bus from Montclair.

The fifth graders all slept in cabins; there were three rooms that slept 20 people each. The fifth graders got to learn about nature by building forts, going on hikes, and playing games outdoors.

The food was good, and the fifth graders even got dessert every night.

“The activities were really fun and I slept surprisingly well. I really liked the stargazing on the last night,” said Sam M., a MES fifth grader

At the end of the field trip, they stopped in the Gold Rush town of Columbia to visit the historical buildings and buy things. They were even able to buy candy and ice cream there. Overall, the fifth graders thought the field trip was really fun!


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