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National Poetry Month

April 28, 2014

National Poetry Month.  Academy of American Poets.

By Alex J.

Roses are red, violets are blue; I like poems, how about you? The United States has celebrated National Poetry Month since 1996. It was founded by the Academy of American Poets and is celebrated in the month of April. Two of the goals of National Poetry Month are to introduce more people to the pleasure of poetry, and to make poetry a more important part of school learning. In honor of National Poetry Month, I wrote a poem about my love of books:

Books come in all different sizes and shapes
They can boggle your mind or make your heart race.
They can make you cry, they can make you laugh, they
Can even make you wanna take a bath. When you read a book
You can get all kinds of ideas like making a pie or saying onomatopoeia
So when you read a book remember what’s in store ‘cause you might get sucked
into it and be there forever more


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