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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Winter Sing

November 20, 2014

Winter Sing illustration by Kelsey D.

By Kelsey D. and Nola L.

Hello friendly kindergarteners! Winter Sing will be Wednesday, December 17. Winter Sing is a time to celebrate the holidays, sing winter holiday songs, and most importantly, have fun.

First of all, do not be nervous, because there is no reason to be. Upper grade students play the songs on instruments so you can sing in tune and stay on the beat. Many parents come to watch and sing along.

Our second piece of advice is to practice a lot. If you practice in music class and at home you won’t have to work so hard when it gets close to Winter Sing, which means you will have more fun at Winter Sing.

Our third piece of advice is to wear a winter hat if you have one, like a Santa hat or a knit hat. Lots of people wear silly winter hats for Winter Sing.

There are some parts we think you will like even though you probably don’t know these songs. In “Blitzen’s Boogie,” a little bit after everyone starts singing, Blitzen comes out from behind the crowd and dances a funny dance. At the end of “North Pole, North Pole,” teachers hand out white confetti and on the last “North Pole” you throw your confetti up in the air and it falls down like snow. You don’t even have to clean it up.

Winter Sing is usually outside, but if it is raining it will be in the new multipurpose room.

Illustration by Kelsey D.


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