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Fifth graders tour botanical garden

November 20, 2014

Photo by FarOutFlora via Flickr

South African plants in the U.C. Berkeley Botanical Garden. Photo: FarOutFlora via Flickr / Creative Commons

By Niera and Kyla J.

The Botanical Garden was a very interesting field trip. Fifth grade students learned about many different kinds of fruits and vegetables, the major parts of a plant, and also the nutritional facts.

“The field trip was fun but it was really cold outside!” said Gia R. from Ms. Spingarn’s class. “It was very fascinating! I learned a lot of things I didn’t know,” said Bahia W., also from Ms. Spingarn’s class.

When we looked for plants, my class searched in a huge garden with plants everwhere you looked. We found some plants that were so delicate that the people who worked there had to put a fence around them so animals wouldn’t eat the flowers. There were other plants that grew on vines so tall they made a canopy for you to walk under.

The Botanical Garden was a wonderful place to learn more about plants and I’m looking forward to visiting it again!


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