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Otter Walk is “Otter this World”

November 20, 2014

Otter Walk 2014
By Sophia D.

What an amazing Otter Walk! The food at the Dads Club was great. There were places where you could get a snow cone and make bike smoothies, and the Red Cross was there.

My favorite part was walking. I interviewed some students, dads, teachers and the principal during the walk.

What was the most challenging part of the Otter Walk?
▪ “Walking!” – Bill, dad of Catie and Cooper
▪ “Planning!” – Jackson, fifth grade

What was your favorite part of the Otter Walk?
▪ “Making bike smoothies.” – Nadia, fourth grade
▪ “Getting prizes!” – Helen, kindergarten
▪ “Getting to exercise and raise money for the school.” – Clara, fifth grade
▪ “Spending time with my daughters.” – Jose, dad of Nadia and Marisa
▪ “Watching all the kids run was so inspiring.” – Ms. Bloom

How many times have you done the Otter Walk?
▪ “Four years.” – Dutch, dad of Myles and Chris
▪ “Five years in a row.” – Meriam and Nichla, fourth grade

How many tri-tip steaks did the Dads Club make?
▪ “750 pounds of steak!” – Bill, dad of Catie and Cooper


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