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The Oakland A’s

November 20, 2014
Oakland A's photo by David Cohen via Flickr

Photo: David Cohen via Flickr / Creative Commons

By Zoe G. and Mikayli P.

The A’s had a good team this year with players like Josh Donaldson and Coco Crisp. They were in first place in the American League Western Division for most of the season. The A’s even had the best win record in all of baseball. They had five players in the All Star Game.

They ended the season second to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, but still made it to the playoffs as a wild card team. The A’s were one of two wild card teams with the best record outside of the three division winners.

The A’s played the Kansas City Royals and lost in a very long but exciting game, 9-8.

I am sure next year with their injured players back and better, the A’s will have an even better year. Go A’s!


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