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What’s growing in the garden

November 20, 2014
Farmer Ben brings fresh herbs to the cafeteria staff

Farmer Ben delivers a bouquet of basil from the school garden to our kitchen manager and chef, who used it in pasta sauce for the school lunches.

By Marina K. and Nikhila R.

The school garden is flourishing thanks to Farmer Ben and all Montclair students.

We are growing radishes (many of you have picked the seed pods), marigolds, flowers, green onions, and sunflowers. By the end of the year we hope we can harvest some food.

Recently we pulled out the corn that was done growing. We’ve received two rabbits and three chickens for our garden, too.

Farmer Ben is growing a plant that will give more nutrients into the soil and make the plants healthier. We also got a worm bin to help make nutrients for the soil. The worms will eat the food scraps we give them and break it down into smaller pieces. When the bin is full, we will take out all of their castings and put the castings into the soil.

One way to keep the garden producing is to water the plants regularly. We also need to make sure that the garden doesn’t get trampled on.

The garden is a good place to relax. Thank you to Farmer Ben for caring for the garden!


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