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Garden Corner

February 15, 2015

School garden illustration by Kelsey and Nola

By Zoe G.

Farmer Ben is nice and takes good care of our garden. Every time students go to Garden class, Farmer Ben surprises them. For example, he might read a book about not eating too much sugar on Halloween.

Other times he brings treats. Once he gave us a persimmon and it was delicious. It looked like a star or a web in the middle. He also gave us a juicy pear.

You never know what new and exciting discoveries you might find in our school garden. Recently, Farmer Ben pulled out the corn from the garden and turned it into popcorn. It was delicious without salt or butter.

With so many fruits and vegetables, I always look forward to exploring them in our garden. Who knew so many tasty treats come from our garden?

Illustration: Kelsey D. & Nola L.


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