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What is Causing the Drought

November 20, 2015

Drought photo by roam and shoot via Flickr

By Avery R-C.

California is in one of the longest droughts in recorded history. This extensive dry period is caused by a huge wall of air off the West Coast, four miles high and two thousand miles long. This air deflects Pacific storms and can sometimes send them to the East Coast.

Usually, rain can push through high pressure zones, but the mass of this one is too strong.

Ten Tips for Saving Water
1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
2. Turn off the water while you put soap on your hands.
3. Time your shower to keep it under five minutes.
4. Reuse dishwater to water plants.
5. Make sure your watering system is not leaking.
6. If you have a big lawn, you might have to let it die out.
7. Do not run the water fountain unless you are drinking.
8. Minimize water pressure.
9. Do not power wash your driveway.
10. Make posters to remind your community of the drought.

Photo: roam and shoot via Flickr / Creative Commons


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