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Garden Corner

February 5, 2016

Bok Choy photo by Mercedes via Flickr

By Mimi C.

Do you know what season it is? It’s winter! You may think that everything dies in the winter and grows back in the spring, right? Well, the truth is, many things grow in winter, despite the chilly weather. Some plants that grow this season are: garlic, leeks, onions, radishes, peas, potatoes, chard, spinach, rhubarb, bok choy, and kale.

In the garden, cover crops are growing. You might be thinking “What is a cover crop anyway?” A cover crop is a crop planted for many reasons, some of them are: to enrich the soil and keep away weeds and pests. So, next time you see green in the plant beds, it’s probably the cover crops.

Photo: Bok Choy by Mercedes via Flickr / Creative Commons


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