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What’s Up in Fourth Grade

February 5, 2016
Mono Lake photo by Sanjay via Flickr

Tufa towers in Mono Lake

By Kyra E.

Who really knows what happens when you get into the fourth grade? I spoke to two class representatives and three other fourth graders to find out.

Ms. Woodruff’s class was doing a lot of math, doing area models, distributive property, short cut method, and expanded form method.

Ms. Spingarn’s class was focusing on science, doing an essay on Mono Lake, which has high levels of salt. This class went on a field trip to the Botanical Garden. They made corn husk dolls and tasted cocoa bean, which students said tasted bitter.

A student from Mr. Souza’s class said he liked math in general and learning about multiplication area strategy.

Photo: Mono Lake by Sanjay via Flickr / Creative Commons


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