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Rain Can’t Dampen Fifth Graders’ Fun

April 8, 2016

Banana slug photo by Philip Bouchard via Flickr

By Avery R-C., Kira C., & Sophia J.

Have you ever hiked to the top of a hill in the rain? Or kissed a banana slug? Fifth graders did all that and more at Walker Creek Ranch!

The fifth grade overnight field trip at Walker Creek Ranch was an interesting and new experience for the three fifth grade Montclair classes. The trip was four nights and five days during the week of March 7-11. The trip taught us more about science and was filled with excitement and challenges. Each group had a naturalist who led the group on hikes and taught them new things.

We slept in bunk beds in cabins or dormitories and good food was served everyday in a buffet style cafeteria. “I really enjoyed the food which the cooks provided,” said David M., a fifth grader in Mrs. Brookes’ class.

Each day was filled with hikes and games. Our nightly activities were campfire, the Barn Boogie, the night hike, and a mock town hall meeting.

Some of the highlights of the trip were the Barn Boogie and the hikes. The Barn Boogie was very fun because some of the naturalists dressed up as DJs and taught us silly dances. We had freeze dance, free dance, and a dance-off between two girls. Lots of people enjoyed the free dance because the lights flashed on and off with disco colors and the naturalists played hits from the radio like Silento’s “Whip and Nae Nae” and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.”

The hikes were beautiful. The forests were filled with bay laurels and ferns. When it rained we saw lots of worms and newts. The view from the hills was spectacular as we looked down upon the tiny camp and cows that grazed on the hills opposite us. Some of the favorite hikes were the night hike, with no flashlights, and the solo hike where you walk alone in the woods.

“My favorite part was the solo hike because I was alone with only nature. I also enjoyed the Barn Boogie free dance which was really fun!” said Makena L., also from Mrs. Brookes’ class.

There was supposed to be an all-day hike, but it was delayed by the rain. However, a few groups did a half-day hike to the top of Walker Peak despite the constant drizzle. Kids did daring things like dunking their heads in Turtle Pond and kissing banana slugs.

Over all, the fifth grade overnight trip was really fun and we think that future 5th graders will enjoy it!

Photo: Philip Bouchard via Flickr / Creative Commons


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