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Guess the Fruit

June 3, 2016

Fruit photo by Marcia O'Connor via Flickr

By Maya K. and Maggie S.

Since everyone loves “Guess the Teacher,” for summer we’d like you to guess the fruit!

▪ This fruit is tropical and topical.
▪ Mia W. and Aidan F. only like it freeze-dried.
▪ Nora B., Violet M., and Maggie S. like this fruit fresh.
▪ Ava B. likes this fruit in any form.
▪ This fruit is juicy.
▪ There are many different varieties of this fruit.
▪ This is one of the most popular fruits worldwide.
▪ Giving someone a basket of this fruit is considered a gesture of friendship in India.

Photo: Marcia O’Connor via Flickr / Creative Commons


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