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Mrs. Bloom Moves On (And Manny, Too)

June 3, 2016

By Dylan P.

On June 1 we had an assembly to celebrate the 10 years that Mrs. Bloom has been the principal at Montclair Elementary School. She has greatly improved our school and looks to do the same at Skyline High School, where she is moving next fall.

During Mrs. Bloom’s time at Montclair, our school has earned many awards, including two California Distinguished School awards and one National Blue Ribbon School award. These are all great honors and not many schools get to have them.

In addition, Mrs. Bloom has supported us with a great enrichment program. She got us music, art, drama, P.E., garden, and more. She also managed to get us a great yard duty staff and a great cooking staff.

Mrs. Bloom made our school so great that we had too many students to fit. How did she respond? She brought in new teachers. But where would all those kids be? In the amazing new building that she had built for us. It has two stories and seven rooms. It even has a rooftop garden. The new building also includes a new playground and multipurpose room.

Mrs. Bloom set a good example and is a good role model for the students at Montclair Elementary. Because of all the work that she has done for our school, community, and Oakland’s reputation, the new multipurpose room will be renamed The Bloom Room in her honor.

During the 10 years Mrs. Bloom has been at Montclair Elementary, there has been someone else working hard here, too. He is known by two names: Manny and Mr. Lalas. He was our janitor and was always there to help. Now, he will move on and live in the Philippines with his family.

Thank you, Mrs. Bloom and Mr. Lalas!


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