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Fifth Graders Discuss Montclair

November 18, 2016

By Zoe K.

Since it is the fifth graders’ last year at Montclair, we asked them some questions about our school.

Q. What was your most memorable year and why?

Samantha M.: Last year, because I was in a great class with a great teacher, Mr. Souza.

Charlie B.: Third grade, because I had Ms. Nibblett, who was funny and amazing. I also had a lot of friends in that class.

Gigi A.: Right now, because we are older and we don’t have to be watched and you can do more fun stuff.

Q. What would you change about the school?

SM: I would influence more events at school.

CB: I would change the lunch system.

Nora O.: I would let kids sit wherever they want.


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