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Global Warming

November 18, 2016

Climate change illustration by Luke

By Soleil M. and Miriam R.
Illustration by Luke

Imagine you are in bed with many layers of blankets on top of you. Suddenly you wake up, all hot and sweaty. You kick off the blankets. Much better. Soon enough, you wake up all cool and refreshed for school.

Now, imagine the Earth. Certain gases, such as carbon dioxide, have been collecting in Earth’s atmosphere for the past 100 years. These gases created a heavy blanket for the Earth, making it very hot. But Earth can’t kick off the gases that cover it like we can remove the blankets. This phenomenon is called Global Warming.

What causes Global Warming?
Global Warming is mostly caused by humans. For example, our activities such as our use of planes, cars, buses, and motorcycles cause Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The Greenhouse Effect (another name for when the sun’s warmth gets trapped in Earth’s atmosphere by gases) is also a result of industrial livestock agriculture. Cows release the gas methane into the atmosphere.

“What the climate needs to avoid collapse is a contraction in humanity’s use of resources,” according to writer Naomi Klein. That means we need to use less of the things that are producing Greenhouse Gases.

Why should we care about Global Warming?
We asked our former teacher, Ms. Peare, why Global Warming matters to children. “Climate change should be a number one priority for all people,” she said. “It affects the world and us. Everyone should try to stop it.”

What can individuals do to deal with this crisis?
Global Warming is a big problem, but we can do things to help. “We can support laws for alternative strategies that will help with the crisis, make lifestyle changes like using environmentally friendly cars, and use LED lightbulbs,” Ms. Peare said.

Now is the time for all of us to take action. Even elementary school children can make a change. Walk, roll, or carpool to school to cut back on use of fossil fuels like oil and gas.

Even if you don’t drive a car, things made from plastic are really made from oil. Think about that fact the next time you reach for a plastic item on the market shelf!


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